Autonomous car

Your car is going to run Android soon

So in case you guys have missed the latest news, the future of driverless cars is here. Driverless cars are a reality now with safety going to be the number one priority, safety of everyone on the road. Now what does that imply for the driver? Less time spent concentrating on driving, more time to do other stuff. This is where a whole new window of opportunity is going to come up.

 Customers are going to demand for more connectivity inside cars. ‘Staying connected’ is going to be a key point of entry or exit for future car makers.

 People would no longer want cars which are just economical and attractive. In fact they would love to have cars which keep them connected and entertained, a car which runs messenger apps, reads the latest headlines, place calls at your will etc just like a smartphone. This would require cars to run an operating system. Many of them run smaller versions of such a system even now. But the cars of the future would demand something complicated like Android or the iOS of our smartphones. And both the companies Google and Apple have already identified this future possibility. Google is working with Audi and Apple is in talks with Benz to develop such a system for cars.

Most of the features that an OS like iOS can provide can be predicted but the biggest opportunity lies ahead for app developers to create apps to serve an environment very different from the one of handheld devices. It would be very interesting to see how this app market is going to be shaped.