Parking made easy


If you live in one of those big cities I am sure you would have gone through this at least once. It has become so stressful to find a safe and convenient parking space for your vehicle on a busy day. With more and more parking space gone missing in the name of development and new parking regulations, finding one for your car has become tedious. The laid back visits with your loved ones tend to become frustrating fighting your fellow drivers for this scarce resource and escaping the hawk-eyed policemen

Barcelona the city of the famed soccer club has woken up to this dreadful menace with a very promising solution. This has been accomplished with the help of Streetline, a California based company which pioneers in parking management systems. With their iphone app, PageMarker you can easily spot empty parking spaces near your favourite coffee place or you shopping area. You are relieved of all the tensions of finding one by yourself. Park the car at the most convenient one, pay through the app and that is it. You get extra time to spent with your loved ones or enjoy another cappuccino.

As time passes the parking systems collects data and starts to understand patterns of usage of parking space in the city. Now it starts helping you in scheduling your visits. It tells you during which hours of the day you are most likely to find a parking space beside your shopping area or when the lanes in front of your coffee place are empty. This helps you better schedule your free time, the most precious of all the times. You can play with your play Station the whole day till 15h30 the time the app suggested you to leave home, find a free place near your shopping area at 16h00, finish your shopping by 17h00, go to your coffee place at 17h20, park the car in front of the shop and go on to enjoy your café.

If you guys are thinking that this is just a small step towards fixing the bigger problem of traffic congestions in cities you should know that 30% of the traffic in cities come from people going round and round searching a parking space. Now parking spaces have started talking to us and each other. The beauty of connected objects or internet of things has waved its wand at the menace of traffic congestions in the cities. With the interconnected system of sensors working to get the most of the parking spaces by guiding the drivers to the optimum location we are on the path to eliminate a chunk of vehicles from the road and creating an enjoyable experience for the drivers and commuters.